Everything That You Need to Know About Displaying Number Plates

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You may think that when it comes to number plates all you need to do is make sure that they are on your car and you will be good to go.

Of course, they are not the most complicated of things, but, if you don’t want to face your car failing its MOT or a £1,000 fine, then you need to make sure that your number plate is displayed as it should be.

About Displaying Number Plates

If you stick with the number plate that was given to your car before you bought it, then all should be good to go, but if you would prefer a personalised number plate, then you do need to be careful and here are some of the things that you should know.

The number format

The most important thing to get right on your number plate is the number format. This format has been in place since 2001 and they need to be set up like this:

  • 2 letters- which refer to the region of the UK where your car was
    first registered
  • 2 numbers- which refer to the issue date
  • 3 letters which are chosen at random

If your number plate follows this format, even if it is a personalised one, then all should be okay.

What other rules apply?

Aside from following the number format, there are some other rules that you need to follow in order to make sure that your number plate is legal.

The first is that your number plate absolutely must be made from a reflective material, this is so that it is easy to see and read no matter the time of day or the weather conditions.

The front plate of your vehicle must be white in colour and have black characters over the background, the back plate will be yellow and black instead. You should not have any background pattern on your number plates, however, the characters that are on the number plate can be 3D if you prefer.

Letter spacing and height is also set and they need to follow the right measurements in order to be in keeping with the requirements. It is vital that you check this before you head out with your new number plates.

Having number plates made for you

Whilst some people stick with the number plate that came with their new car, others are going to want to have a number plate made up which is personalised. This is not something which is down to you to do, in order to buy one of these you need to make sure that you buy it through a registered number plate supplier.

The supplier will want to see documents which will not only prove your identity and your address, but will also show that you can use the registration number. There are a wealth of documents which you can use for this purpose. As you can see, number plates are not as straightforward as they may seem. So, make sure that you follow the guidelines and keep your car on the straight and narrow.

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