Excellent Car-Gadgets to Help You on Your Next Road Trip

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Road Trip

Road trips are always a great fun to enjoy with your friends and family. They refuel you for your next working days and make your spirits high in your daily life. However, it may happen that your road trip may get spoiled by some sudden mishaps on the way or during your fun and frolic. These may involve an abrupt weather change of the worst nature, misplacement of your car keys, etc. Modern technology has introduced a number of devices like a car key tracker or many others to facilitate you on your road trips. Many of these may also get connected to your smart phone through a compatible android app and keep you all alert of your surroundings. We have also worked out a few for you to consider and make your next car road-trip a memorable one positively. Here we go.

  1. BEATIT Jump Starter

It may happen that your car battery gets weak after being parked for long hours and is not helping your car start itself. Here, you need something to help you immediately and make your family heave a sigh of relief. Jumper cables prove a blessing at this time and you get your car started as soon as another car gives yours a friendly jolt. This is a portable, self-powered device with two USB ports for your mobile devices and a flashlight as well.

Image Source: Flickr

  1. FOBO tyre plus

Attached to your car tyre, this app fitted device keeps you alert whenever your tyre loses its air pressure. This device uses a series of Bluetooth gauges that relay this information directly to your smart phone. The app makes the installation a breeze by providing a straightforward tutorial.

Image Source: my-fobo

  1. GARMIN Dash Cam

Accidents are always there in driving, but it really becomes very difficult to determine who is at fault after the accident. This dash cam will prove an exceptional tool to record images in crystal clear videos and saves them. It will also record your GPS location to show when and where the accident occurred. In this way, you can easily determine the offender and save your time and money.

Image Source: icdn2.digitaltrends

  1. AUTOMATIC Pro Car Adpter

Plugged into the standard OBD 11 port of your car, this excellent device records the data from a number of sensors and sends to your smart phone through a competent app. The app is blessed with features like a vehicle locator, mileage log, a post-accident emergency services teller, etc. Besides, this device can also work with a lot of third party apps as well.

Image Source: funkykit

  1. Park-ZonePk600

Sometimes, it really gets very much difficult for you to park your car in a limited space in a smaller garage. You have to be over-cautious on this occasion to avoid any kind of damage to your bumpers. This excellent device provides us the required parking assistance by presenting simple traffic signal display and saves us from nay ill-fated guess work.

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Thus, we can say that the above mentioned devices can help you a lot on your next road trip.
Featured Image Source : pixabay.com

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