Experience How It Feels to be in Audi R8 Supercar

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While browsing through many videos on YouTube regarding supercars, I came across this user called SuperCarsofLondon that has been running for five years and have captured many supercars performances on the streets of London by Paul. I really like the way the videos are being filmed because the video camera is right in the front passenger seat and offers a real life-like experience.

Audi R8 Supercar

In their latest video, Paul drives the latest Audi R8 supercar and has documented the journey in this new supercar from Audi. Instead of just reviewing the car like other review videos, Paul takes us on a journey in his new Audi R8 supercar offering a driver’s perspective and how it feels to drive the supercar. While driving his car across London streets he also interacts with the audience and asks for suggestions and feedback on what they think about how their Audi R8 should be and what they really want to see in the forthcoming videos which makes it a complete video watching experience.

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