Extend The Life Of Your Car: Follow These Top Tips

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For a lot of people, a car is just an object. It sits on the drive. It gets you to work. It takes the kids to school. It stores a large amount of discarded rubbish in various places. Yet what people don’t consider is that a car is almost a living, breathing thing. It needs taking care of to work at its best. If you mistreat your car, then chances are it won’t last as long as it should. Then you’ll be stuck – everyone knows how horrible life is when the car breaks down. It’s worth putting in the time and effort. Treat your car right and you’ll get the best out of it. Here are some tips on extending the life of your vehicle.

Regular checks and services

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Everyone wants to be an expert on vehicle maintenance. The sad fact is that most of us aren’t. Learning how to take care of a vehicle is a long and tedious process. You may not have the time or the energy to become an expert on engines, brakes or hydraulics. Four million people in the UK don’t even know how to lift their bonnet! I’m sure you’re not one of those four million, but that doesn’t mean you’re Henry Ford, either. The top tip for vehicle maintenance is to get it checked and serviced often. Life’s so much easier when you go to the pros. Websites such as rrg-group.com offer competitive prices on services. They’ll also give you guaranteed customer satisfaction. Don’t take the risk – services are well worth it.

Keep an eye on the oil

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Services are key, but it’s also critical to keep tabs on the stuff that’s easy to check. Engine oil is so important to the running of your vehicle. Take it from me – I once let mine run down and the entire car seized up. Checking your oil is easy. All you need to do is locate the dipstick after the car has been running for a couple of minutes. Take it out and look – it should be clean and reach the level indicated on the dipstick. Simple as anything, but crucial to keeping your motor running.

Check your tyres

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A flat tyre may not seem like a major issue. If it goes down, you fix it, right? Consider this, though. What if your tyre has a fault that causes a failure? What if that failure occurs at speed, or on a dangerous road? The consequences don’t bear thinking about. Furthermore, a major crash could mean your car is a write-off. Again, the risk is not worth taking. Ensure you check your tyres for any unusual signs – cuts, bulges or any loss of pressure. Petrol stations also have gauges to measure tyre pressure and inflate tyres.

Listen out for the brakes

With safety, brakes are your car’s number one asset. Maintaining them is key to ensuring your vehicle lasts as long as it can. Keep an ear open for any weird noises coming from the car when you brake. Squealing is fine, but grinding noises are what you’re listening out for. If you hear something like this, get it checked immediately.

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These tips may seem small, but they’ll make a big difference to your car’s health and to your safety. Owning a vehicle is a responsibility. It’s your duty to keep it running as well as possible. After all, it’s your wallet that’ll get stung if you don’t.

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