Fight Traffic Tickets in California with Lawyers from Ticket Clinic

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Now that you have a traffic citation, you need to decide what you are going to do about it. There are options. You could just pay the fine or take the time to represent yourself in court. There is a better way. Ticket Clinic has the traffic ticket fixers that get you out of trouble and protect your driving record.

The Problem with Self Representation

If you’ve read your citation, you know you have a limited time to pay the fine or appear in court. The fine may not seem like that much, but paying it outright is a bad idea. That counts as an admission of guilt and qualifies as a conviction on your record.

Ticket Clinic

At trial, the judge will listen to your evidence and arguments along with dozens of other cases. If found guilty, the penalties still apply. The DMV keeps track of your infractions, and so does your insurance company.

Ticket Lawyers at Ticket Clinic Help You

Ticket Clinic hires the best attorneys and legal professionals in California to focus on traffic law. They handle speeding tickets, moving violations, and drunk driving charges. For simple traffic stops, they provide clients with many benefits:

  • They understand the nuances of law and police procedures.
  • Their relationships with courts and prosecutors help them negotiate better deals.
  • As lawyers, they appear in court hearings for clients and represent cases.
  • Their affordable rates put fair representation within reach for average people.

Ticket Clinic opened its doors in 1987 and has since handled over three million cases with an 80% success rate. They find errors in the documentation or police procedures to get charges dropped, and argue for reduced penalties and fines.

If you are looking for a DUI attorney in California, Ticket Clinic has the experience and professional network to provide you with the best possible defense. They also pride themselves on being the best red light camera ticket lawyers in the state

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