Ford C-Max: The Green Machine

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Ford has been among the strongest contenders in the automotive industry competition. It has been enchanting you through its revolutionary technology and the most elegant of designs. The company masters in delivering comfort with luxury. This year, at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Ford has set the stage for all the Ford fans who crave for more. The new inline is expected to be a leader in the fuel efficiency, the Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept. You guessed it right; the car contains preinstalled solar panels on its roof that capture the sunlight to power the vehicle.

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In this age of scarce resources, fuel efficiency has been the biggest question mark on the automobile manufacturers. This is what led to the invention of cars with hybrid engines.

The Design

By the looks of it as revealed by the company, C-Max seems to be more of a family vehicle with superior finishing and a stylishly attractive appearance. The car seems to have enough room for you and your family to fit in comfortably.

The Internal Specs

The Ford C-Max, besides having the solar panels also encompasses implanted special concentrators that have been designed to capture most of the sunlight in least of the time; a Fresnel Lens has been designated for the cause. Although the manufacturer says that the car requires a day’s worth of sunlight for it to deliver its full performance, but you don’t have to wait for a day to charge it, as it also holds an alternative gasoline engine. The four cylinder Atkinson cycle 2.0 liter gasoline engine is capable of delivering consumer utility no less than any other SUV. The car has a CVT paired with an electric motor and li-ion batteries.

C-Max’s Edge over the Others

You might have driven solar powered hybrid vehicles produced by other manufacturers earlier that use the sunlight to charge their battery. Those vehicles had to be plugged in to store the light, while the C-Max is superior in a sense that it can store the sunlight on the go and does not require to be plugged in.

Probable Success Factors for C-Max

When choosing a car, for me, the brand name matters. For those of you who are still confused, let me suggest that having a go with Ford will surely be an experience hard to forget. Due to its dependable brand name, C-Max is not expected to face any reliability problems. Secondly, the fact that the vehicle would actually save a lot of your money spent on that massive fuel consumption makes C-Max the right car for you. Last but not the least, the car has a hybrid engine that does not required to be plugged in to charge the batteries, plus it boasts a well engineered exterior and an ultra comfortable interior.

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