Got 100k? These Are The Sports Cars You Could Buy

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Sports Cars

Aside from buying a new home, a car could be one of the most expensive purchases that you’ll make in your life. You could spend as little as a couple hundred to as much as a couple million. The new Bugatti is about to hit the market with a price tag of around 2.5 million. We think you can agree; that’s not going to be a viable option for most people. While this is undoubtedly true, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy great high-performance sports cars. In fact, you could purchase one for under one hundred grand. Now, you might think that’s still quite expensive. But for the type of performance we’re talking about on the road, it isn’t. In fact, it could be seen as an absolute steal.

As well as this, if you spend some time saving, we think most people on an average income could afford to spend this on a car. If they wanted to spend that much money, of course. Even if they didn’t, you can probably get some of these cars for a lot less second-hand. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best cars you could buy right now with your 100k.

BMW i8

A couple of years ago the BMW i8 was all anyone could talk about. It was the first real hybrid supercar, and we’re still just as in love with it as we ever were. The good news is that depreciation has now done its job. You can pick up an i8 for under one hundred grand and what a car you’ll be getting if you do.

Style-wise, the i8 is magnificent. It looks like the type of vehicle science fiction writers thought we’d all be driving in the future. It’s got a lot of power under the hood too. Don’t let that hybrid engine fool you. This car is just as powerful as some of the competition on the market right now. It can beat some of the top sports cars being released this year.

If you’re worried about relying on an electric engine, you don’t have to. The i8 has a backup petrol engine that will keep your car going, even if you need a shot of electricity.

If performance is what you’re interested in, the i8 won’t disappoint. It will get you to the magical sixty in just over four seconds. That’s not too shabby for a car that’s a few generations old now.

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Jaguar XJ

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Who wouldn’t want to own a Jag? Well, now you can pick one of the best ones available up for under 100K. A lot of Jaguar enthusiasts claim that these cars no longer look like Jags. They’ve fallen into the typical style and lost their unique beauty. If that’s true, the Jag XJ was the last model that still captured the look of a Jaguar. It’s one of the reasons why it made this list and why we’re proud to recommend it. With a sleek body and slick style, this is a car you’ll be proud to have on your driveway. But looks aren’t everything and the Jag certainly has other selling points.

It’s fast and by fast, we mean it. With an incredible V8 engine, the jag will hit sixty in just 4.7 seconds. So, while it doesn’t quite match the speed of the i8, it’s still an impressive machine. The Jag will also provide you with the luxury that previous owners have grown accustomed to. Its interior has been painstakingly designed to be everything that you would expect. From the beautiful dashboard to the leather-coated seats, you’ll love this car.

It’s not quite as fuel-efficient as you’d hope for a modern vehicle. But it still comes highly recommended. If you’re buying this car used then you’ll be looking at a cost of just over fifty thousand from a dealer like Spire Automotive. If you’re buying new, it will cost a lot closer to 100k.

Aston Martin Vantage VBS

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Say what you like about the Brits, but they sure know how to make a great car. And except for the mini, what’s more, British than the Aston Martin. You’ll be pleased to hear that with a budget of one hundred thousand, you’ll easily afford one of these. You’ll have fun with it too. If you want to feel like James Bond, this is the car you need. It’s effortlessly stylish and we promise you you’re going to get some looks as you drive past.

Performance-wise the Aston Martin is a speed machine and you’ll love the way it feels to take it to its limit out on the roads. You might think the Aston Martin hasn’t changed much over the years. Style-wise, you’d be right. But under the hood, this one is a huge improvement from previous models. It’s lighter with a better grip and brilliant handling. If you do have an extra 100k lying around it’s a worthy investment.

Porsche 911


Or you could just opt for the classic choice of the Porsche. There are a few models you can get for under 100k. But our favorite will always be 911. It’s got the perfect look for a small sports car that hasn’t yet been beaten by anything else on the road. Its performance is nothing short of remarkable. With the 405PS engine, it will take you to sixty in 4.3 seconds, making it the fastest car on this list.

Porsches aren’t for everyone but we’ve never met a buyer who hasn’t been pleased with their purchase. This is a car that you’ll love on a track day or on your commute into the office. There’s a reason why it’s known as one of the best sports cars in the world. Porsche has designed a car that over the years has proved difficult to beat. The 911 certainly earns its place on this list as one of the best sports cars you can buy for under 100K.

Do any of these vehicles tickle your need for speed? We hope so, and we hope you love your new purchase.

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