Honda CR-V 4X4 Review

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Honda CR-V 4X4

Honda CR-V 4X4

A comfortable family hatchback—this best describes Honda CR-V 4X4 in as complete a manner as possible–  and this car is better off on the road rather than off it. There are a lot of great features to look out for in this car. Honda is facing much competition for this one although with high efficiency and functionality it has a lot of potential. Space is provided in ample and hence the passengers will experience a lot of comfort in this car and looks too are great. There are a lot of upsides for Honda CR-V 4X4 with certain downsides tagging along.


Honda CR-V 4X4 review behind the wheel is somewhat mixed as there are certain good and certain bad points. The front view of the driver is excellent undoubtedly but over-the-shoulder view is kind of compromised all because of thick rear pillars. The driver’s seat and the steering wheel are adjusted in an excellent manner which certainly adds to the comfort.

This car is literally ideal for families as it has a lot of leg room and head room plus a lot of space for storage. Adjustable seats are one of the good features along with many others. Cruise control, remote locking system, dual climate control, folding rear seats which are one-touch by the way and a USB port are some of the other features of this vehicle.

Performance and driving experience

An option between petrol and diesel engine is available to the people. The diesel engine of 2.2 liter comes with 148 bHp and is  geared in a snug manner while being flexible too. The petrol engine of 2.0 liter is equipped in the car which extends the same output as the diesel one although the mid-range urge is better with the diesel engine. Big bumps are no issues for Honda CR-V 4X4 as it contains a wonderful suspension which means a smooth drive for the passengers. The grip as well as handling is good although the body is somewhat lean.


Curtain, front plus side airbags are included in the car and front-seat head controls can also be found in the car. Expensive safety models are included so that the people enjoy a good ride in a safe manner.

The starting price of Honda CR-V 4X4 is $22, 795. This car has all features to fit in as a good choice for people.

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