Hyundai to Unveil New Santa Fe at New York Comic-Con

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Hyundai has gradually made its mark in the American market and now Hyundai is all set to introduce the new zombie fighting family car at the New York Comic-Con. The new Anson Kuo’s Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine which is a fan built vehicle will be available for display on the show floor on October 10. Hyundai came up with the idea of The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app that was designed by Hyundai and Innocean USA that allows many fans to design their own custom zombie survival machines using some of the Hyundai cars like Hyundai Veloster Turbo, Santa Fe and Elantra. The response was terrific as Hyundai received 82,500 submissions but it was Anson Kuo’s Santa Fe design that managed to win the contest.

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The design that was provided by Anson Kuo will be constructed by Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) and the real time zombie killing machine will be unveiled at the New York Comic-Con show on October 10 at the Future US booth. The new Kuo’s version will be an urban camouflaged Zombie Survival Machine that features knife blades, automatic crossbow, razor wired windows, three machine guns, samurai sword, aluminum armor and muffler silencer that makes it a deadly zombie killer machine.

Steve Shannon, Vice President Marketing for Hyundai Motor America said that they love Kuo’s version of Santa Fe because it is creative and deadly at the same time. He also said that with the help of The Walking Dead franchise Hyundai is trying to offer better options to the youth who wants to get the best cars. Hyundai also claims that they are going to come up with better ways to interact with the consumers that can allow them to unleash their creativity in a better way so that they can understand what the consumers really want.

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