Personalizing Your Car: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

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Right now, practically all cars are mass-produced. And being mass-produced, they can’t be tailored to suit our individual tastes. For a long time now, personalizing your car has been the only way to insert your individuality. But many drivers think that it’s a costly and complicated process. It’s not. Here are some easy ways to personalize your car.

Personalizing Your Car

Aero Packages

Aero upgrades are a hot topic right now in the car modding scene. They are perhaps the most distinct visual personalization you’re able to buy. But don’t be fooled by the marketing. Some aero upgrades are decidedly lackluster and can actually make your car slower. Here’s the thing. Aero upgrades are primarily designed to make cars grippier at high speeds. They generate downforce. And that’s why they’re such a common feature of the cars you see on track days. While they help some high-performance cars go faster, they may not do the same for the average consumer vehicle.

Some advice: only choose aero upgrades that are suitable for your particular car. A giant spoiler might not necessarily be the best option.

Personalized Number Plates

Personalising Your Car


Perhaps the best way to personalize your car is to get personalized number plates. The law is quite strict about what your number plate can and cannot say. But there is still wiggle room for you to personalize not only the letters and numbers but also the design. Custom plates are usually cheap to buy once you’ve bought the rights to the plate.

Aftermarket Steering Wheel



Of course, you don’t just have to personalize the exterior of your car. There’s also plenty of options to splurge on the interior too. Buying an aftermarket steering wheel is one of the coolest options out there. Steering wheels come in many different designs and materials, ideal for racers and regular drivers alike. But just be warned: aftermarket steering wheels don’t usually come with airbags. So if you do replace the steering wheel, you’ll want to install a five-point harness at the same time.

Bigger Speakers



Most cars come with poor quality sound systems. That’s because most people aren’t all that bothered with the sound that their car produces. They just want something that will allow them to listen to the radio from time to time. But for we few who love our cars, sound matters a lot. One of the coolest ways to personalize your car is to install bigger, better speakers. Make sure you choose speakers that are focused on producing a quality sound that you can enjoy. Don’t just get the loudest speakers you can so that you can terrify the neighbors.


Personalising Your Car It's Not as Difficult as You Think 5


Pinstriping is something that is notoriously difficult to get right. You don’t want a new paint job on your car to look tacky or ugly. But pinstriping is also an excellent way to add a little personality to your vehicle. The trick here is to keep pinstriping to a minimum. Focus on a couple of areas, like the front of the hood, and introduce a few, subtle lines.

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