Porsche Confirmed Their First Ever All-electric Vehicle – Autos Hype

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If you had any doubt about the legitimacy of all-electric vehicles, the recent news might help you alleviate them. Volkswagen group’s commitment towards new fuel cell solutions has been known for a while now, but their recent statements at the annual VW Group Media Conference took that commitment to a whole new level. Volkswagen’s desire to build an all-electric Porsche is a clear indication of their grandiose plans.

Their holder company, Porsche AG is the manufacturer of one of the most recognized cars around the world, with several legendary iterations of the luxury brand. If Volkswagen has plans for Porsche, this means that they will not spare any expenses to create something truly extraordinary.

Dr. Heinz-Jacob Beusser, Volkswagen’s chairman did not want to give away too much, but he confirmed the company’s plans of building an all-electric Porsche. “We have something up our sleeves in this respect,” – he implied. The theoretical car could be the first ever all-electric luxury sports car.

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