Should You Buy A Volkswagen Caddy?

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Volkswagen is a company that is arguably known for the commercial vehicles that it produces, as well as its range of passenger cars. Unless you have spent your life living under a rock, you will know that the old Transporter Type 2 vans built between 1950 and 1979 are perhaps the most iconic vans you will ever come across in your life!

Today, the German automaker produces a wide range of commercial vehicles, from the small Caddy to the larger Transporter, and the huge Crafter panel van!

If you run a business, does it make sense for you to buy a Volkswagen Caddy van instead of a competing model? I think so, and here are my reasons why you should consider doing so:

They are better than estate cars

Estate cars are perhaps the most practical cars that you can buy today. Their main selling point that they can transport large volumes of cargo, in comparison to its hatchback and saloon brothers and sisters.

But there is only so much you can transport in an estate car before running out of space. I’ve seen a lot of self-employed couriers using estate cars. However, a lot of them only get paid per parcel rather than a flat daily rate, their earning potential can be severely hampered.

Clearly there is a need to drive around a bigger vehicle than an estate, but if you are not comfortable driving around in a large panel van, what choice have you got? Well, the answer is simple: the Volkswagen Caddy!

The Caddy has a load capacity of 3.2 cubic metres, with a payload of up to 703 kilograms. Its bigger brother, the Caddy Maxi, offers 4.2 cubic metres of space. And for those of you that hate driving vans, the good news is that the Caddy drives just like a car!

They are more practical than estate cars

With estate cars, you can only access the cargo area from the back of the car. And if you extend the cargo area to include the space occupied by rear passengers, you obviously have the rear doors available to you also.

But the problem with estate cars in this context is that they are rather low – and considerably lower than small vans such as the Volkswagen Caddy.

According to Mick from the Vanwise Group, the Caddy has a side sliding door, as well as asymmetrical rear doors. This could be a godsend for loading and unloading when space and time is at a premium!

They are just as comfortable and refined as cars

Many people have the misconception that small vans are as cumbersome to drive and lacking in refinement as larger panel vans. That might have been the case about 20 years ago, but today’s commercial vehicles are just as great to drive as cars.

The Volkswagen Caddy has all of the features and refinement that you would expect to find in a modern car, with some models even featuring alloy wheels, front fog lights and Bluetooth stereo systems!

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