Skoda Expanding its Range of SUVs

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Skoda‘s popular Yeti crossover SUV has just won a customer satisfaction in the UK to be deemed Britain‘s favourite car. This Czech brand has now announced a plan to further expand into the SUV market, taking the Yeti to the next level by increasing its production and building on its award-winning design. Skoda also plans to unveil new SUVs in the next couple of years, including a full sized 4×4 as a larger alternative to the Yeti. With competitive pricing and an attention to detail, Skoda could become an even stronger competitor in the SUV segment.

Increased Yeti Production

When taking a look at the range of Skoda cars, the Yeti stands out as one of the top sellers. The manufacturer plans to double production of the original Yeti, as well as improve on the model. New manufacturing plants will be constructed in China to boost local production up to 500,000 cars per year. The Yeti’s makeover will be introduced later in 2013, and possibly become available at the beginning of next year. This may include a smaller version of the Yeti, which already features a small 1.2 petrol engine. Despite its small size, the Yeti offers excellent value and a surprising amount of interior space, with 1665 litres of cargo room and no shortage of passenger legroom. A smaller version would most likely whittle this down for even greater efficiency and value for money.

New SUV Models

Although crossover vehicles like the Yeti, Kia Sportage, and Ford Kuga are big business at the moment, there is still a steady demand for more traditional SUVs. This is particularly true in countries like Australia, the USA, and Russia, where motorists must travel longer distances and require more room. A Skoda SUV would most likely be based on the Volkswagen Tiguan and its four-wheel-drive capabilities. However, care is being taken to introduce this larger vehicle at the right time, and it may not become available until 2015 or 2016.

Another new 4×4 that Skoda plans to release next year is a reworked Octavia estate range. This includes a version of the Scout, which features four-wheel drive, a raised driver height and boxy exterior styling. The Scout provides off-roading capabilities and a smooth ride. The new model should provide SUV-style elements and improved ground clearance, stopping short of being an actual SUV. A new five-door Rapid hatchback has also been introduced to complete Skoda’s expansion plans.

The Skoda brand has built its reputation on practicality and reliability, so a move into the niche SUV market could prove fruitful for this robust company. They’re hoping to appeal to an even wider audience with the introduction of these various new models, ensuring there’s a Skoda great and small to suit all needs.

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