The 2017 Ford Raptor: First Look – Ford Raptor First Look

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Since 2010, ford has been treating us to their beefy, practical line of pickups, the Raptor. The SVT was an instant hit, and many truck enthusiasts have only ever bought Raptors since. With the announcement of the 2017 Raptor at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, now is a great time to start planning for yours! If you’ve ever been curious about the Raptor, here’s what we know about the 2017 version.

Super Crew

One of the biggest talking points from Ford is that the Raptor will be available in an enlarged, “SuperCrew” version. This will have a more spacious cabin, bigger doors, and a ginormous front skid plate. It’s also due to feature a 360-degree camera, and an improved rear departure angle to help with off-roading. If you’re worried that all this beefiness will make the truck hard to maneuver, think again! This member of the Raptor family will be made with a new aluminum alloy, designed for reduced weight and resistance when driving. If you’re an off-road nut or the agility of your pickup is just important to you, then you’ll have nothing to worry about this Raptor.

The 2017 Ford Raptor 3

Source: Wikimedia

The Off-Roading Capabilities

Ford has made a big point about the off-roading capabilities of the Ford Raptor 2017 as well. This was obviously a large part of the focus in the design of this truck. The running clearance is the best they’ve had since the first generation of Raptor. This, however, isn’t the only new feature that’s been made for the dirt. You may have noticed a jerky, unruly power distribution on some of the earlier Ford pickups.

To counter this, the new Raptor will come with a four-wheel-drive transfer case. This will ensure that you’re never in danger of getting stuck on your off-roading escapades! The 2017 model will also come with Racing Shox variable damping on the wheels. Finally, there’s a special front differential made for off-road use. This will help you climb steeper gradients than you’ve ever managed before! Whether it’s a rocky hill or just speed bumps, all these features will keep your entire ride feeling smooth.


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As with any model, Ford has released a few details about the interior. This appears to be the one thing about the upcoming Raptor which isn’t so impressive. The “sports seats” appear comfortable, but somewhat squeezed considering the expanse of the cabin. The contrasting stitching, which Ford has made a huge deal of, looks nice though! Most of the paneling and accents are bland, black carbon fiber, and the steering wheel has contours made for an easier grip. An infotainment system is part of the dash. The interior of the 2017 Raptor looks perfectly decent but unfortunately fails to wow at this point. Still, I’m sure you didn’t buy your last truck for a taste of luxury!


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From what we know, the new Ford Raptor is certainly going to be a formidable machine. The off-roading capabilities and outside aesthetics are certainly promising. Although enthusiasts are already raving about the 2017 Raptor, we won’t know until we know!

Source: Wikimedia

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