The Basics of Mag Wheels

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There are many benefits to buying mag wheels online. Most wheels are cast from aluminium alloys, which are light weight; these aftermarket wheels come in numerous designs and sizes, making them more appealing than factory wheels. As far as performance is concerned, mags and other alloys can reduce your car’s weight and put less strain on your brakes and suspension. Here, you’ll learn more about mag wheels and their advantages.

One-Piece and Multi-Part Wheels

Most wheels are made in a unified design, but they can also be comprised of multiple pieces. One-piece wheels are cheaper to make, due to the faster manufacturing process. This type of wheel is typically lighter, because there’s no need for connecting bolts and hardware. Composite wheels provide an exact fit, which makes them an ideal choice for older cars and those with rare stud patterns and offset.

Stud Patterns & PCD

The PCD (pitch circle diameter) is the diameter of a circle drawn through the exact centre of the stud hole, and it’s usually measured from the left edge of one nut hole to the left edge of the one directly adjacent. The number is shown as # of studs/diameter (in millimeters). For instance, 5/110 is a five-stud wheel with a PCD of 110mm. Some wheels are multifit, where two different PCDs are marked on the centre hub.


A is the distance (in millimeters) between the centre line and the mounting face. A wheel with a positive offset has a mounting face closer to the outside, in front of the centre line, and those wheels sit further under the vehicle. Wheels with negative offset have a mounting face toward the wheel’s back, behind the centre line. Offset can be measured thusly:

  • Measure the backspace from the bolt up face to the back edge.
  • Measure the width of the rim from one edge to another, or add an inch to the marked size.
  • Multiply that number by 25.4 to find the measurement in millimeters, and divide your answer by two to find the wheel’s centre line.
  • Subtract that measurement from the backspace number. The result will be either a negative or positive offset.

In most situations, changing offset will put a greater load on axles, suspension components, steering parts and bearings. Therefore, it’s vital to choose virtual mag wheels with the correct offset.

Wheel Measurements

  • Width: Is measured from the inner to the outer bead seat.
  • Diameter: Measured from one bead seat to the other.
  • Centre line: Half of the edge to edge measurement of the rim.
  • Rear spacing: The measurement from the outside edge of the wheel’s back to the mounting face.

Caring for your Mag Wheels

The best way to keep a nice shine on your new Holden mag wheels is to avoid harsh wheel cleaners, in favor of warm, soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them right away. By learning about mag wheels for sale and by caring for them properly, you can keep them on your vehicle for years.

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