The Importance of Treating Animals Well

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The EU has certain rules and regulations in place to ensure that livestock are treated appropriately and with respect, especially when being transported in trailers for livestock. I’m sure most of us wouldn’t disagree with the idea that animals should be treated with love and kindness, even if they are not a personal pet but just an economic good. Not many people are aware of why animals should be treated kindly, which is something I will endeavour to explain.

Treating Animals

The basic interests of an animal are pretty much identical to that of a human. They need food, water and adequate space. Pig and/or sheep trailers must be trailers designed with these needs in mind. When boarding an aeroplane one expects leg space, though admittedly it feels like you can never get enough leg space on an aeroplane, and suitable provisions, yes, also aeroplane food can be a little suspicious at times. Another characteristic that should be taken into account is a being’s ability to suffer. An animal can suffer in much the same ways as a human can. It can be hurt and feel pain. It can be hungry and starve. It can even be psychologically damaged. This should be taken into consideration when thinking about why an animal should be treated well. It seems that we have more in common with animals than a lot of people like to think.

Sensible people would agree that the best possible explanation for the origination of humanity is evolution from a more primitive animal. This is evident in our behaviours and uncontrollable impulses. Humans may have more intellectual capacity than animals, being able to introspect, think rationally and conceive metaphysics, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that essentially we are animals too. Peter Singer coined the term ‘speciesist’ to describe a way of thinking that promotes humans as higher beings than animals. Accordingly, when in agricultural situations animals should be treated with the highest respect. Transportation of animals can be highly stressful for the animal and therefore the highest quality of trailer should be used. Hudson trailers are good examples of quality trailers.

In conclusion,animals aren’t all that different from you or me. Instead of inflicting pain and anguish we should always try to treat the animal in the kindest way possible.

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