The New E-Type Convertible Is Launched In Detroit

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2013 is the year when the mercedes e class convertible got a new facelift to keep up with its competitors in the ever growing car market. The two-door versions of the updated E-Class follow less than a month after Mercedes revealed its new-look saloon and estate, with the line-up going on display at this month’s 2013 Detroit Motor Show. The new models will be on sale later this year and none of the E-Class range looks better than the two-door convertible.

Exuding style outside and in

The exterior of the car is being modified with a much slimmer design and the ‘four-eyed’ headlamp arrangement is now replaced with the traditional twin headlamps; however the interior is where the interesting changes are being made to the convertible.

Mercedes would never wish to change the cabin size or seating as they are renowned for their comfort but the dashboard is being upgraded to match the equipment already fitted to the saloon and estate versions of the E-Class.

The new features being fitted to the convertible are a strip that runs across the dash fascia and onto the doors and is available in either a wood or aluminium finish. As well as an analogue clock now positioned between the central vents on the dash, there’s a new-look, three-dial instrument cluster found on the dash too. The gear selector also changes from a large lever on the centre-console to a small stalk behind the steering wheel that includes paddleshift levers.
Two types of suspension will also be available, with auto mechanically adjusting dampers forming the standard version on most models. A sports suspension with dampers that can be adjusted by the driver via a switch is part of an optional Dynamic Handling Package which is also new to this convertible.

There are also some new features that are unique to the convertible, such as an ‘Aircap’ system that extends a moving lip above the windscreen to deflect wind away from rear-seat passengers. This continues to be optional.

The convertible is also receiving upgrades to the engine choices that will be deployed throughout the E-Class range. The new engines feature Bluedirect four-cylinder petrol engines with direct-injection, increasing fuel performance.

Developments with the diesel engines mean the E-class has their first hybrid model too as an electric motor is added to the four-cylinder engine; coupling high performance and exquisite style with strong green credentials.

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