The Pros and Cons to Buying From a Car Dealership

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If you are in the market for a used car, used car dealerships can be a good place to look for the vehicle you want. Usually, used car dealerships consist of a vast array of vehicles which differ in make, model, year and condition. Used car dealerships such as are typically smaller businesses than new car dealerships, and you should find a great deal of variety in price and selection. Before you start shopping around for a used car, you should consider the pros and cons of buying from used car dealerships.

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Nice Price

The prices for cars at used car dealerships tend to be lower than the prices for used cars at the larger new car dealerships. Mainly because used car dealerships are usually much smaller than their larger competitors meaning they can operate their businesses with much smaller overhead costs. The overhead difference is usually reflected in lower asking prices, and you’ll be able to save some hard earned money.

Vast array

As mentioned earlier, used car lots carry vehicles of many different makes, models, years, and colors all in different conditions. The dealers get their cars from a variety of sources, such as auctions, private purchases, and trade-ins. Through their means of vehicle acquisition, these dealers can gather many types of vehicles, providing buyers with a wide choice of cars.


When you’re buying from a used car dealer, you will usually have some room to haggle to an area nearer to your price range. Most used car dealers are not officially sanctioned by any large auto corporation so you may be able to talk-down the asking price or arrange some other types of bargains and agreements.



At used car dealerships, it is usually a bonus to buy a car and get some type of substantial warranty. You will want to find out if any warranty is included with the vehicle, and if so, what it actually covers. Older models typically do not come with a warranty, so you’ll always want to be sure about the car’s condition before turning out your pockets.


Despite the stereotype, most used car dealerships may consist of honest, hard working people, but you still have to be on the lookout for the less-professional “pushy salesmen.” At the worst, some used auto dealers may try to sell uninformed buyers a piece of junk. Others may try to hide certain defects or problems with the car to get a better price. Do your best to get reviews of used car dealers and be sure to use services such as the Better Business Bureau (


Some cars on the used car lots will have some problems that you’d like to avoid. It is more likely to find one of these problem cars at a used car dealership than a new car dealership. Thus, it’s imperative to do a thorough inspection of a used vehicle before you decide to purchase.

If you don’t skimp on your homework, you should be able to find a quality vehicle for a good price through used car dealerships. They really are a fantastic money-saving tool. If you use the bargaining chip to your advantage and are aware of the potential pitfalls, buying a car used from a dealership should go just how you planned it.

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