Top Tips For Making Your Car’s Appearance Look Awesome!

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A car’s appearance is important to many people, as it shows others that they take care of their pride and joys. But sometimes looks can take a back seat when there are circumstances that divert a car owner’s attention to some other, more-pressing matters.

Unfortunately for those owners, by the time they actually get round to sorting out their car’s appearance, they are presented with a mammoth task on their hands, and this task can often be overbearing for some folks, and they will start to feel demotivated!

Sometimes it is best to start off with the smaller jobs, as these are easier to tackle, and you will feel a sense of achievement doing them first. Follow these top tips to improve your car’s appearance at a pace to suit you!

Clean up that chrome

Most cars these days don’t have any chrome bumpers or trim like the 1950s car pictured above, but many cars will have exhaust systems with chrome tips (these are usually sports cars), and some models might even have chrome wing mirror covers.

If your car has got any chrome “bits”, the best way to clean them up is to use some special chrome polish.

This stuff is normally a paste inside of a squeezable tube, and you just apply a small amount of it onto a soft cotton cloth and rub it onto your chrome trim until the haze from the paste has gone, and you are left with a mirror finish.

Tart up those tyres

One of the most-neglected things on a car when it comes to any form of cleaning or valet are its tyres. These automotive parts provide an essential safety function and without them, we wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere without crashing.

Assuming you have already given your car a basic wash in the very least, apply some tyre shine to the sidewalls of each tyre, and they will instantly look awesome; in fact, they will even look better than when they were brand new!

Car dealerships such as often use tyre shine on the vehicles in their showrooms, as it makes the cars on display more appealing to customers that walk in.

Bashed-up bodywork? Consider vinyl wrapping

We all know how immaculate a car’s exterior is when it is brand new, but after a few years of being subject to the elements and the occasional scratch or 12, that one-immaculate exterior starts to look faded, pock-marked and scratched to the nines.

A full respray will cost you a few grand, but most people won’t have that sort of money spare to spend on their cars. A cheaper and innovative solution would be to have the car wrapped in vinyl!

The great thing about vinyl wrapping is that it can be removed when you want to sell your car, for example, and you can choose from all sorts of finishes. Some people even go for a matt black finish on their cars, whereas others might opt for a psychedelic colour scheme or pattern!

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