Toyota’s 2013 Avalon – revolutionary and fresh

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Toyota’s 2013 Avalon

Toyota’s 2013 Avalon is the best thing what the car manufacturer has done with it’s vehicle line up. The design of Avalon is revolutionary and completely different from the history of Toyota‘s Avalon; thus marking a fresh beginning of Toyota. The GM of Toyota claims that “Toyota is back”.

Toyota’s 2013 Avalon

The exteriors are improved with better body dynamics and a sleeker design. The front grill has also been modified and is accompanied by a pedestrian impact protection. The car also carries a sporty look with the headlights and tail lights carrying LED bulbs in them.

The interiors of the Toyota Avalon are of premium class. All the materials have a soft touch, with an elegant color combination. The control system looks clean and organized

The controls of the car are very fluid. The car’s suspension have been fine tuned for everyday use and the car glides over bumps and ditches on the road with ease. The steering wheel is responsive and fast.

One of the major features in the car is the inclusion of the Qi wireless charging surface. The Qi wireless is a standard of wireless charging being adopted by many device manufacturers, especially mobile phone manufacturers. Thus, not only is the hassle of wires lying around the car solved, but the Qi charging pad can be used by any supported phone from any manufacturer. Future products which will support Qi charging will include laptop batteries, cell batteries, portable speakers etc.

The car comes with a 3.5 L gas powered engine or a 2.5 L hybrid engine.

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