Volkswagen Inaugurates ‘Future Tracks’ Program

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Future Tracks” program? What is it? As the name suggests, it is a scheme to keep up with the future demands of the industry. Why is it needed? Our world today is making great progress in science and technology and every second a new program is invented that makes the previous one obsolete. Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, foresees that soon people will have such high-tech equipment that will enable them to implement a part of the facelift themselves with some software available to them. Then of course they will expect even more from industries, such as the Volkswagen, which promises to provide them an updated form of technology.

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Thus, it will be a great challenge for the industry to meet the growing demands of the public. They will want 100% accuracy and most updated machinery. For this Dr. Winterkorn says that they must work on a more efficient plan than the model cycle of seven to eight years. The current plan will prove inefficient in keeping up with the demands of future customers because it is likely that the customers’ demands will increase and they will probably want more stuff infused in their vehicle. The industry has to keep up with the fast moving world.

Dr. Winterkorn claims that Volkswagen has the key that would help them overcome future’s challenges. He defines this key as their modular toolkit. This modular toolkit enables them to build cars faster, with more flexibility and much more economically than before. With this, they can offer a wider variety to their customers and more profit for the industry. It will also enable the Volkswagen company to give a practical form to all their innovative ideas in a more effective manner. They can achieve all this with their modular toolkit.

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