What’s new for cars in 2013

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2012’s over, Christmas is paid for, and we’ve hopefully seen the last of the snow. With spring around the corner, many of us are now turning our minds to the open road; whether it’s picturesque day trips roaring down country lanes or racing through city streets. Below we take a look at some of the most exciting developments in 2013 cars for those looking to splash out on a new motor this year.

  • Eco-friendly driving thrills

    Electric cars just got sexy. This year, BMW is planning the launch of its i3, which the brand is heralding as the future of personal transport. The four-seat city car uses technology developed by the iconic British brand MINI, in the development of the prototype MINI E, which is currently undergoing trials for its own imminent launch.

    BMW i3

    With low fuel costs, no tax, and minimal impact on the environment, the new technology harnessed by these cars promises a thrilling ride which is also eco-friendly. Perfect for those of us who are looking to be greener, but don’t want to compromise on our driving experience.

  • Supercar Season

    Not within most of our budgets, but worth a look for sheer style and performance, is the new Porsche Cayman. 40 pounds lighter than the previous model, with a smaller engine, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was less of a car than its predecessor, but you’d be wrong.

    New technology is making the engine displacement methods of traditional 8-cylinder engines irrelevant, meaning that 6-cylinder engines such as that of the new Cayenne is the way forward. The new Cayman puts out 275 horsepower per litre compared to the clunkier older model’s 265. A feat of engineering that is sure to satisfy drivers looking for a fast, stylish ride.

    Cayman S

  • MINI adventures

    2012 saw MINI expand its offering to 7 different models, with more sales than ever before. But far from resting on its laurels, the innovative brand has yet more launches planned for 2013, including the MINI Rocketman. Taking the brand back to its classic roots, the Rocketman promises to be much smaller than the MINI classic, measuring just 3.4 metres in length, similar to the original 1959 model. Unlike that car, however, it uses carbon spaceframe construction to reduce weight, and it has funky pop-out doors and a pull-out ‘drawer’ style boot. Perfect for zipping around town.

    MINI Rocketman

Whether it’s a racy town-car, eco-friendly drive, or supercar style you’re after, 2013 has many exciting developments in store for motoring enthusiasts.

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