Why Should You Buy an Electric Car Like Tesla Now?

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Buying an Electric Car

Although electric cars have been in the market for quite some time, it’s in the recent years that they have been gaining a lot of scope and with added features have been luring customers around the world. Promising more savings, the cars seem to have everything a person would like to get from their beloved car. But even now, a lot of people have a doubt about whether or not to opt for an electric car.

Here are some important points that’ll help consolidate your decision of buying an electric car.

Tax Savings

With a lot of governments offering tax savings in tunes of around $5,000, buying an electric vehicle may get cheaper over the time. To encourage people for opting for new electric car technologies like BMW i3, Tesla, Nissan Leaf, governments have been providing a waiver of around $5,000 on the price of the cars.

Inexpensive to operate And Low on Maintenance

Since these vehicles run on electricity, the cost of running these vehicles over the time is much less as compared to vehicles that run on oil. Also with lesser parts as compared to a traditional engine, the cost of repair and operating will be a reduced fraction as compared to an oil based car. With no hassle of transmission, as well as oil change, this will also ensure that you don’t have to worry about any issues on aneven short term basis.

Electric cars’ Prices Have Gone Down

Innovation of new technologies in the electric car industry has led to a decrease in the price of many electric vehicles. This is certainly an added incentive for anyone who wants to buy an electric car. Also with governments providing subsidies right now, it is a sweet deal to buy an electric car right now. There are a lot of mass marketcars available that can be purchased, which while fitting a budget, promise much more than cars in the same price range.

Growing Infrastructure

Governments and civic societies around the world have been working to provide more and more infrastructure keeping in mind electric vehicle adoption. A lot of charging points have been set up, with some carrying the quick charging stations to help the driver be on the move with ease. This has been instrumental in dealing with growing numbers of electric car users around the country. With automaker Tesla announcing its entry in the Dubai cars industry, even the roads of Dubai will see theinclusion of such charging stations in the times to come. Some of the cars come with a touch screen panels that help you find nearby charging points as well, which is a great feature for anyone travelling.

Environment Friendly

Since the car runs on electricity, the car saves a lot of energy and money over the time. With fossil fuels set to deplete with time, switching to electric cars may help us maintain theecosystem. Since the cars don’t give out emissions like Carbon Monoxide or any other toxic fumes, the electric cars are safer from environment point of view. Thus it is a better choice than any oil based cars which have been known to cause pollution in plenty, especially when they age. The electric cars will help reduce smog and smoke that has been causing a lot of problems in cities worldwide, such as Beijing, Delhi, and so on. The impact of mass adoption of electric cars may result in reduction in global warming levels.

The cars have no exhaust since they are powered by batteries and dissipate only heat.

Software Updates

A lot of these electric cars have their own software systems which are upgraded in every little while to ensure a smart and glitch free performance. This has led to an increase in the fine aspects of the car tuning. The cars can receive software updates using a home WiFi connection on its own so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself.


A lot of automobile giants have been working on adding self-driving capacities into their cars. With increased support and connectivity, people will get help from their car in switching lanes, or for a variety of other tasks. Self-driving cars are sought to be the future, and some of the electric car makers have been putting serious thought into the process.

Better Range

With better and more efficient batteries being produced, the range of electric vehicles is poised to increase. Also, carmakers like Tesla have been increasingly working on developing new technologies that help increase the range. Infact, Tesla has set up a giant factory for developing batteries which will be beneficial for the car owners. Earlier electric cars used to have a range of about 80-90 miles, which has increased to more than 200 miles in some of the new cars. Also, there have been multiple schemes where a battery may be replaced by the companies based on the agreement which is a good deal since the cost of battery on anelectric vehicle is usually high.

With so many reasons to opt for an electric vehicle, it certainly is important to buy it. Not only will there be additional savings that will help offset the initial high price that maybe putting you off but also some of these cars pack enough power under the hood that could give some supercars a run for their money. Tesla model S can go from 0-100 kmph in just 2.7 seconds which is a lot faster than some of the supercars. So the electric cars are not just energy and savings efficient, but also retain the competitiveness found in atop end sports car. Electric carsseem to be the best option for the future, thus investing in one will be a beneficial choice. Most of the electric car users don’t feel the need to switch back to oil based cars, which should again serve as a reminder of the excellent capabilities of the electric cars.

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