Will 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid Beat the Competition?

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If you take a quick look at some of the top selling cars in the United States you will find that 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid has dominated the market for more number of years than any other car. This means that Toyota Camry has been selected for nine years as the bestselling car in the United States.

Toyota has been in constant competition with other car makers like Kia, Hyundai, Ford and Volkswagen in the United States and now Toyota has decided to take the competition to the next level by introducing the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid. This will be the seventh generation of Toyota Camry and the first one in the hybrid category but Toyota believes that they will change the game with the upgrade of Camry.


On the outside, there is no major difference that you can spot when you are looking at the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid and that is exactly what you will find in many of the other Toyota Camry Hybrid review available on other sites. Many car experts believe that the design of the Camry has not changed much because Toyota wanted to keep the same feeling that consumers have for so many years. As per the research done by Toyota they say that majority of the Toyota Camry Hybrid buyers will be current Toyota Camry owners and therefore they have decided to keep the same exterior. However, the only major changes that Toyota has made to the new version of Camry is that they have added new chrome grille along with better headlight design in the front. The trapezoidal fog lights look great and make the buyers feel that they have more width in the front but that is certainly not the case.

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Toyota consumers will definitely feel the difference between the gasoline version and the hybrid one when they drive it. The all new 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid comes with Toyota’s Synergy Drive that allows better performance without pushing the pedal too much. Toyota has made use of the 2.5 liter four cylinder engine that can produce 156 horsepower. This means that it has more power than the previous engines that were used in 2011 model. Apart from the engine Toyota Camry Hybrid also has 105 kW electric motor with revised 245 volt battery pack. Although, the battery pack looks smaller it has a big performance that can impress any Toyota consumers and even those who are using other brands. Toyota Camry Hybrid is really good on performance and can promise around 41 mpg city/highway combined.

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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Toyota has definitely paid attention to the criticism that they received about using cheap plastics in the earlier Camry versions and therefore they have decided to upgrade their interiors with better cloth stitching. The interiors have metallic shades and the dashboard is black in color which looks great. The analog tachometer sits in the center along with digital speed display. The seats are comfortable and provide more space to drivers as well as passengers. The trunk has more space which can be increased when the rear seats are folded.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 certainly reminds of the regular gasoline Toyota Camry, but the company has gone ahead to make better changes that will appeal to the buyers.  It will have competition with Ford Fusion Hybrid and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, but it will still emerge as clear winner based on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

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