Honda Upgrades the All New CRF250R and Flagship CRF450R Bikes

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Honda is all set to offer variety to the customers that love Honda bikes and therefore Honda has made an announcement that they are going to come up with better version of CRF450R and the all new CRF250R which is almost on the same lines. Honda said that both the new bikes are winning packages for the company because they are packed with power, reliability and superior handling and performance.


While CRF450R was launched in 2013, it will have better design and frame that will make it easier for the bikers to handle it. The chassis of the bike offers low center of gravity to the bike while strategically engineered compact dual muffler exhaust system offers close center of mass. The new version offers new intake and exhaust ports, new Dual Timing fuel injection. The bike is lighter than the 2013 model and will be available in August 2013.

On the other hand, the all new CRF250R is almost like the CRF450R but it offers 250 class motorcross design. It is powered by 249cc Unicam engine that delivers low end horsepower and more freerev up top. The new frame that Honda has incorporated offers low center of gravity to the bike and the dual muffler exhaust system offers better handling capabilities to the biker. Honda also introduces new front and rear disc brakes to offer MX style biking experience. The twin spar aluminum chassis improves the center of mass making the bike much more responsive and stable on off-road conditions. Honda will launch CRF250R in September 2013 in Red but so far Honda has commented on the market price.

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